Trolley system: Electric Drive Enables Lower Diesel Fuel Consumption

A trolley drive truck in the surface mining application is a diesel-electric drive truck that has an option installed that enables a secondary means to power the wheel motors.  When activated, diesel generated power to the wheel motors is cancelled and overhead catenary power is connected and diverted to the wheel motors through the inverters.

Power supply from an overhead line provides powerful and relentless travel on slopes. Switch between the on-board power source and an external power line smoothly and easily. Comfortable, stress-free operation.

Benefits of the Trolley System:

  • Shorter cycle times, higher productivity;
  • Lower running costs, greater economy;
  • Lower running costs and greater economy and productivity due to less frequent engine overhauls;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Reduces risk of damage due to vibrations and uses carbon-metallic contact strips;
  • Safer operation (electric shock prevention);
  • Reduces noise inside cab

Hitachi has delivered over 100 units of Trolley drive trucks all over the world since 1980’s.

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