Health, safety & environment policy

Minetech Machinery LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is a leading supplier of industrial mining equipment in Russia. Support services include part supply, maintenance and service activities.

The policy applies to all divisions of the Company.

Ensuring the preservation of the life and health of employees, creating safe working conditions is the main priority in the policy of the Company’s management.

MTM is committed to:

  • Preservation of life and health of employees of the Company;
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety legislation;
  • Growth of professionalism and qualifications of Company employees;
  • Reducing the risk of accidents at hazardous production facilities;
  • The protection and preservation of the environment.

To achieve the goals, the company assumes obligations:

  • Ensure compliance with occupational health, safety & environment legislation;
  • Constantly increase the level of knowledge and competence of the Company’s employees;
  • Identify, evaluate and eliminate or minimize risks in the field of occupational health, safety & environmental protection;
  • Provide the necessary financial and technical resources for the implementation of this policy;
  • Increase the level of responsibility and involvement of each employee, regardless of his profession or position;
  • To increase the level of safety and working conditions through the use of modern personal protective equipment and collective protection;
  • Consult with workers on health and safety matters, value their opinion;
  • Compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of environmental protection and waste management.

The management of Minetech Machinery LLC highly values ​​the health and safety of employees.

Each employee of the Company is responsible for ensuring safety at his workplace and has the right to refuse to perform work in case of danger to his life or health.

The goals of the Health and Safety policy can be achieved only with the participation of each employee of the Company, regardless of his profession or position.

General Manager M. Ata Chetinelli

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