Whether you have a new Hitachi machine or an older model, we offer a wide range of parts to suit your budget. These include Hitachi Genuine Parts, remanufactured components, Performance Parts and undercarriages.

We put the same attention to detail and technological expertise into our parts as we do our machines. So you can be sure that they will give you the same level of reliability, durability and quality. And as a result, your machine runs with an optimum performance, lower maintenance costs, minimal unscheduled downtime, and ultimately achieves a higher resale value.

Why use Hitachi Parts

Hartmut Pieper,
Managing Director

“There is excellent availability and we can have everything delivered directly as and when required,” says Hartmut Pieper, Managing Director, H Ehlert & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG.

Tuomo Kemppe,
Maansiirtoliike Kemppe Oy.

“We buy Hitachi Parts for the ZX250LC-5 to ensure a favourable cost of ownership,” says Tuomo Kemppe, Maansiirtoliike Kemppe Oy.

Vladimir Kvyatkovskiy,
Chief Mechanical Engineer

“Using Hitachi Parts is effective in prolonging the life of our machines,” says Vladimir Kvyatkovskiy, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Shubarkol Komir.

Hitachi Genuine Parts include oil and fuel filters, and Ground Engaging Tools (GET). Using Hitachi filters will not only keep your machine exceptionally clean, but will also make its engine and hydraulic components last longer.

GET are available for the ZX890-6 and EX1200-6 to EX3600-6 models. Tested to the same high standards as all Hitachi construction equipment, they are specifically engineered for hard rock mining and quarrying applications. They enhance the overall digging power of your Hitachi excavator. Remanufactured components use only Hitachi Genuine Parts and are tested to the same high standards as new components. They also come with a 12-month warranty.

To help your machines cope with challenging environments and demanding deadlines, Hitachi Performance Parts are specifically engineered to give greater durability, enhanced performance and a longer life span.

Using a Hitachi Undercarriage will ensure that your machine works safely and efficiently, with high levels of productivity for a lengthy period of time, and low running costs. Like all Hitachi construction equipment, our undercarriages are manufactured using high-quality materials to guarantee a reliable performance. They are tested under the toughest conditions, and designed and engineered specially for your Hitachi machine.

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