The starting up of two Hitachi excavators for UK Kuzbassrazrezugol OAO

In the first half of 2019, MINETECH MACHINE started up two Hitachi excavators for the branches of UK Kuzbassrazrezugol OAO  (enterprise of the UGMC commodities-based industries).

The excavator Hitachi EX1200-6 BH was started up on the Kaltanskiy coal mine. The machine is manufactured by Hitachi on the special order of UK Kuzbassrazrezugol OAO, to even more meet the requests of this client.

The video about the machine’s work on the coal mine and specialist’s comments you can see on news edition at UK Kuzbassrazrezugol OAO website and on YouTube.

The excavator Hitachi EX1900-6 BH began to work at the Bachatskiy coal mine. This machine is the first in the park of the main mining and conveyor equipment of the client. It will be used for stripping the cut face and directly excavating the coal. About it UK Kuzbassrazrezugol OAO was also reported on its official website:

MINETECH MACHINERY thanks UK Kuzbassrazrezugol OAO for the trust and hopes for long cooperation!

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