The assembly of Hitachi EX3600E-6LD excavator for the Solntsevskiy coal mine was finished

In June 2019, the MINETECH MACHINERY service team have completed the assembly of Hitachi EX3600E-6LD excavator for the Solntsevskiy coal mine, an asset of the Eastern Mining Company, which is one of the thirty largest coal-mining enterprises in Russia.

This model of the excavator was bought by this client for the second time in the last six months (the starting up of the first machine was previously reported:

The client’s repeated selection of the Hitachi EX3600E-6LD excavator is due to the positive experience of operating this model on the coal mine. The ultra high productivity of the machine is ensured by a 23m3 bucket volume, maximum excavation capacity, the possibility of operating around the clock. The eco-friendly electric motor of the machine helps to protect the environment. An important indicator is the ease of maintenance, which was also highly appreciated by customer representatives.

The starting up of the excavator was carried out in the presence of MINETECH MACHINERY specialists led by the head of the Khabarovsk branch, representatives of the Solntsevskiy coal mine and, we’d like to make a pointed reference to, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Mining Company Oleg Anatolyevich Misevra.

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