Start up of the Hitachi EX3600E-6LD mining excavator at the Solntsevsky coal mine

Minetech Machinery delivered the EX3600E-6LD mining excavator for overburden operations at the Solntsevsky coal mine. Using the new machine it is planned to ship about 650 thousand m3 breed monthly.

At the Solntsevsky coal mine, located in the Uglegorsky district of the Sakhalin region, brown coal and coal are produced in the ZB and D grades by open pit mining. The mine is part of the Eastern Mining Company, the largest coal mining enterprise in Sakhalin. As part of the investment program of the enterprise to modernize production and stage-by-stage increase in productivity, the Eastern Mining Company annually invests significant funds in the development of the Solntsevsky Coal Mine, including the updating and expansion of the open pit fleet.

The new EX3600E-6LD hydraulic excavator with a total operational weight of 353 tons is equipped with a 23 m3 bucket and is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 1,200 kW. The machine has a robust construction and high performance. Another advantage of this model is the ease of maintenance, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipment. All these parameters played a big role in choosing a new technique for use on a career.

“The purchase of a new machine is due to the need to update the excavator fleet in order to increase the production capacity of the mine,” says Stanislav Wegner, Technical Director of the Solntsevsky Coal Mine. “The decision in favor of the EX3600E-6LD was made taking into account the positive operating experience of this model.”

The new EX3600E-6LD excavator is the third machine of this model put into operation by Minetech Machinery (official dealer of Hitachi Construction Machinery in Russia) at the Solntsevsky coal mine in the last two years. Also, a ZX850 excavator and a ZW370 wheel loader are involved in the work on the quarry. In addition, the Eastern Mining Company provides outsourcing services for excavation and removal of rock mass, the VST company. Her machinery fleet includes several Hitachi machines: two EX3600 excavators with backhoe equipment, equipped with a 22 cc bucket. m, as well as 11 EN3500 dump trucks with a loading capacity of 180 tons.

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