MINETECH MACHINERY training for Solntsevsky coal mine operators

MINETECH MACHINERY, the official distributor of Hitachi mining equipment in Russia, conducted training of the new Hitachi EX1200-7 excavator for operators of the Solntsevsky coal mine. The new machine was delivered to the coal mining facility at the end of February and started it’s work at the beginning of March. The Hitachi EX1200-7 excavator will be used for mining and loading rock into mining dump trucks with a lifting capacity of 90 tons.

During the training, the technical specialists shared the necessary experience to ensure maximum from the new excavator. During the theoretical part, the operators learned about the innovations of the Hitachi EX1200-7 excavator. The new model is fully equipped with electronic control, which will later facilitate the operator’s work.

Then testing of the new Hitachi EX1200-7 excavator took place on an open site in real conditions of the Solntsevsky coal mine. The trainers paid the main attention to the safety rules while using new equipment on a daily basis.

After completing the training, the operators had practical part on the excavator EX1200-7.

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