Minetech Machinery’s service engineers completed preventive maintenance on the Hitachi excavator EX2500H-5BH

Any equipment, even the most reliable and productive, requires high-quality after-sales service. Minetech Machinery is the official distributor of Hitachi Construction Machinery in Russia for mining equipment and full service support during the warranty and post- warranty periods (all types of maintenance and repairs, delivery of original spare parts). Minetech Machinery service projects are located in a number of enterprises where Hitachi equipment is operated.

Minetech Machinery’s service engineers of Ulan-Ude branch made preventive maintenance on the Hitachi excavator EX2500H-5BH which is operated by Tugnuisky open pit (part of SUEK group). This excavator is one of the first representatives of Hitachi mining excavators at the coal mines of SUEK enterprises.

By the time of its maintenance this excavator had an operating time of 65.5 thousand m.h. Service engineers of Ulan-Ude branch evaluated the excavator technical condition. The front attachment and the upperstructure of the excavator were completely dismantled to replace the bearing of the swing bearing. The front attachment’s cylinders were repaired. Floating pin and bush, hoses, front swing motor were replaced. This kind of preventive maintenance allowed to extend excavator’s service time and reduce unexpected downtime before the next repair.

There are a lot of advantages of choosing the authorized dealer of Hitachi Construction Machinery for after-sales service. No matter the location, conditions or type of project, Minetech Machinery’s service specialists will help to deliver efficiency, reliability and durability of Hitachi equipment for customers day after day.

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