Minetech Machinery refilled warehouse equipment

Minetech Machinery continues to improve its operational capabilities. In order to accelerate Hitachi completion of spare parts and components, the special equipment warehouse fleet of the separate Minetech Machinery division in Novokuznetsk has been replenished with a new Chinese-made forklift JAC model CPCD 25 EURO with a XINCHANG diesel engine.

The Chinese company JAC occupies one of the leading places among manufacturers of loaders and cars. JAC products are exported to more than 25 different countries of the world, including Russia, USA, Japan, Italy, etc.

The new loader has excellent performance characteristics: good load capacity – 2500 kg, simplicity and ease of operation.

Now loading and unloading of Hitachi spare parts, components, as well as fuel and lubricants will be faster.

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