Hitachi mining equipment will increase Vostochny open-pit mine productivity

Two Hitachi EX3600 mining excavators with a bucket volume of 22 m3 and ten Hitachi EH3500 dump trucks with a capacity of 180 tons started operating at the Vostochny open-pit mine. The Hitachi complex will be able to ship up to 900 thousand m3 of rock mass per month. With its launch, the volume of extracted overburden of the Vostochny open-pit mine will grow by 15% and reach 4.4 million m3 per month. Using heavy-duty equipment increases the efficiency of mining operations and optimizes costs due to fuel savings and lower maintenance costs, while increasing safety on access roads. The transition to high-performance, high-capacity equipment also has a positive effect on the environment, as the amount of emissions and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere is reduced, and fewer spent tires need to be disposed of. 

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