Hitachi full battery dump truck

Minetech Machinery, the official dealer of Hitachi mining equipment, pleased to announce that Hitachi Construction Machinery and ABB signed a collaboration agreement to develop an engineless, full battery rigid frame dump truck with a customized on-board energy storage system, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and offering a solution towards a net zero emission pathway.

Utilizing ABB’s innovative battery technology, Hitachi trucks can be transformed from diesel to full electric battery operation. The dump trucks will operate by utilizing a new onboard electrification system – drawing its energy requirements from an energy supply system with dynamic charging, allowing simultaneous charging of the on-board energy storage system while providing energy to power the truck. The system will provide extended battery longevity by reducing the load and discharge during each haul cycle, offering a cost efficient industry solution that allows continuous operation so as to maintain the high productivity and performance the industry has come to expect from Hitachi Construction Machinery products.

Hitachi Construction Machinery and ABB understand there is a growing interest in the electrification of mining operations and machinery, as environmental awareness grows within the industry and community.

Technology continues to be further developed in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while taking into consideration the demands of mining operations.

By utilizing Hitachi Construction Machinery’s dynamic charging battery dump truck systems and ABB’s battery technology, the joint collaboration will not only help tackle the challenge of solving the issues involved in dump truck electrification, but also provide a real world climate change solution.

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