AC Drive Proven Performance & Economic Advantages

Hitachi engineered AC drives make your hauler a more valuable asset in your mining operation. Better performance, higher availability, and significant reductions in maintenance and operating costs – result in a lower cost per tonne and a higher return on your investment.

Long Frame Life

A fabricated box section and rectangular frame rail construction provides superior resistance to bending and torsional loads. The top and bottom flanges eliminate cross member tie-in joints and provide a larger exposed center area for access to major components.

High-Powered Engine Selection

Standard Cummins QSKTA50-CE engine or optional MTU 12V4000 C21 engine is selectable for the market outside of North America. Within North America, choice is limited to the Cummins QSKTA50-CE engine.

Tough Body

The Hitachi horizontal stiffener design minimizes stress concentrations by dissipating load shocks over the entire body length. Efficiently spaced stiffeners provide additional protection by minimizing distances between unsupported areas.


Model Code EH4000AC-3
Engine rated power (kW) ISO 9249, net 1 864 kW
Max. travel speed (km/h) 56 km/h
Nominal payload (kg) 221 000 kg
Body capacity heaped (m3) 2:1 154 m3
Gross machine operating weight (kg) 384 000 kg