Minetech Machinery completed basic repair in the Far Eastern Federal District

EX3600E-6LD mining excavator owned by Urgalugol (part of SUEK) was put into operation in June after the first basic repair.

The excavator has been operated at the Bureinsky open pit in the Khabarovsk region for 3 years and, by the time of the repair, it had an operating time of 22,500 m.h. The basic repair was planned and was carried out in the amount recommended by the manufacturer Hitachi. Six service engineers of the Minetech Machinery’s Khabarovsk division evaluated the excavator technical condition, replaced the hydraulic system components, bushings and bucket pins in the joints of the working equipment, hydraulic hoses, electrical wiring, repaired the track frame and made other necessary operations. Also checked the compliance of the repaired excavator with factory standards. The whole repair process took 32 days. Only Hitachi original components were used for the repair. The excavator disassembled components will be sent to the Minetech Machinery’s CRC for their overhaul, and then will be returned to the customer’s enterprise to make remanufactured components fund.

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