You can be sure of productivity on a grand scale with the ultra-large EX1900-6 excavator. It’s equipped with a powerful engine for demanding excavation jobs in the world’s most challenging quarries and mines.

The large bucket is shaped to enhance the efficiency of its operations. A 12m3 backhoe bucket can load a Hitachi EH1700 dump truck in five passes, while the 11m3 loading shovel bucket takes six passes. An auto-levelling mechanism ensures efficient levelling.

Productivity is also boosted by excellent visibility from the cab. You can monitor the surrounding area using four (optional) cameras, eliminating blind spots on the job site. All controls are within easy reach, which also leads to greater operating efficiency.

Built-in durability

Capable of 24-hour operation in some of the world’s most remote locations, the EX1900-6 incorporates a durable rigid box design and solid cast track frame. The oil coolers are positioned away from the engine radiator for optimal cooling efficiency, and to prevent damage from rocks, the excavator has high-mounted compact travel motors and an optional travel motor guard.

We designed the EX1900-6 with several easy maintenance features for a reliable performance. Many components are convenient to access and replace. A walkway around the counterweight, for example, provides easy access to key areas for fast and safe inspection and maintenance.


Model Code EX1900-6
Engine Rated Power (kW) 810.0 kW (1 086 HP)
Operating weight (kg) 192 000 kg
Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped 4.40 – 12.0 m3
Max. digging depth (mm) 8,180 – 14,430
Bucket digging force (kN) ISO 671.0