MINETECH MACHINERY regional meeting in Kuzbass

In August in Kemerovo a regional meeting of Branch managers and Heads of departments of the company took place with the president of MINETECH MACHINERY and representatives of Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia, LLC.

A detailed report about coverage area, the main enterprises of the region, current and potential customers of the company, costs for the current period and the budget for the next year was provided for each region.

Heads of departments provided an overview of the market for the supply of machinery, spare parts and service of HITACHI mining machines for the periods 2019-2021.

During this visit to the region, the management of MINETECH MACHINERY and representatives of HITACHI managed to communicate with the company’s customers in Kemerovo, the largest mining enterprises in the region. 

The meeting made it possible to sum up the results of current activities, identify the directions of work of branches and departments for the coming year, and determine the prospects for the company’s development.

Meetings of this format are planned to be held regularly to maintain the data up-to-date, to reflect the current state of affairs in the branches, to make possible adjustments to the work areas of branches and departments.

Miner’s Day in Russia

The coal mining industry has been and remains one of the key branches of Russia’s energy industry, providing fuel to businesses and the population.

The most of supplied by us HITACHI mining machines work exactly on coal opencasts.

Specialists of MINETECH MACHINERY know firsthand about the profession of a miner.

This profession is important, necessary, dangerous.

Every day miners extract irreplaceable materials for the production of various things and devices, without which it is difficult to imagine the life of modern man.

Every day miners risk their lives.

Thank you for your work!

Take care of yourself and return home after every work shift!


Sincerely yours,


Lords of fire and metal

Working at a metallurgical plant is a hard work, which only the real men with steel nerves and iron health can do.

MINETECH MACHINERY Company is glad to congratulate the workers of the industry on their professional holiday!

We wish health to you and your families, a peaceful sky, new achievements in the profession!

The results of “Ugol Rossii & Maining 2018” exhibition in Novokuznetsk

Kuznetsk coal basin is one of the largest in Russia and in the world. The main coal exhibition of the country «Coal of Russia and Mining» also takes place in Kemerovo region. Russian and foreign leaders of production of machinery, equipment and technologies for mining aim to take part in it.

MINETECH MACHINERY has a number of branches with the service in the region. And off course we took part in 25th anniversary exhibition «Coal of Russia and Mining», which was held from 5 to 8 June in Novokuznetsk.

At MINETECH MACHINERY exhibition stand visitors could see:

– a line of trucks and excavators of the mining class HITACHI

– crawler chassis and elements of running systems, bucket protection elements Bradken 

– crushing and screening complexes  Burcelik

– diesel and gas piston power plants Teksan   

– equipment for repair, maintenance of machines and their components Maruma 

– oils and lubricants HITACHI and Castrol

The exhibition became a platform for communication with existing and potential clients of the company, allowed to exchange experiences and developments with colleagues, to get useful acquaintances, including suppliers of goods and services in the field of mining.

MINETECH MACHINERY intend to participate in this exhibition in the future too.

Announcements of upcoming events are published on our website.

Opening of Hitachi warehouse in Russia

“MINETECH MACHINERY” compnay is pleased to inform our Clients that for the first time in Russia in April 2018 the Hitachi warehouse was started up.

Warehouse of Class А  is located in Iksha settlement, Dmitrovsky district, Moscow region. The location of the warehouse complex near the Dmitrovskoe and Leningradskoye Shosse, as well as near the Sheremetyevo Airport, provides high transport accessibility.

Opening of this warehouse will allow us to significantly shorten the delivery time of spare parts, as well as to increase their availability.

MINETECH MACHINERY will be able to quickly supply spare parts for Hitachi mining equipment anywhere in Russia, which means offering our Clients the best service.

Participation in exhibition “MiningWorld 2018”

From 17 to 19 April 2018 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, the 22nd International Exhibition of Machines and Equipment for Mining, Processing and Transportation of mineral recources “MiningWorld 2018” took place.

At this exhibition, MINETECH MACHINERY presented:

– HITACHI line of dump trucks and excavators of the mining class

– Bradken G.E.T. and buckets

– Burcelik crushing and screening complexes Burcelik

– Teksan diesel and gas generator unit

– Maruma equipment for repair, maintenance of machines and their components

Within the framework of the exhibition, we managed to hold a number of meetings both with current and potential clients of the company.

Specialists of MINETECH were pleased to answer questions that interested visitors, could communicate with colleagues, make useful acquaintances, including with suppliers of goods and services in this field.

Following the results of this exhibition, the management of MINETECH MACHINERY decided to participate in MiningWorld 2019, which we will inform additionally on our website.

«MINETECH MACHINERY» started up Hitachi EX3600-6BH excavator at «Taldinsky» coal mine

In February 2018 «MINETECH MACHINERY» started up Hitachi EX3600-6BH excavator at «Taldinsky» coal mine, part of «СC Kuzbassrazrezugol», OJSC, one of the largest company in Russia specializing in open-cut mining.

The Ifirst Hitachi EX3600-6BH excavator has worked at this coal mine for more than 10 years, showing high performance and reliability. From the side of the power-mechanical department of «Taldinsky» coal mine, the first machine was marked with distinctive solutions of some parts of the excavator, which minimize the risks of an accidental failure, as well as the presence of special platforms on the machine that are convenient for current maintenance and repairs.

This event was visited by Representatives of «СC Kuzbassrazrezugol», OJSC, the representatives of the plant-manufacturer, the President of the mining department «Hitachi Construction Machinery» Co.Ltd (Japan), the General Director of HITACHI CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY EURASIA (Moscow), as well as «MINETECH MACHINERY».


Hitachi EX1200 excavator made a record of productivity

At «Chernogorsky» coal mine of «SUEK-Khakassia», LLC the mining hydraulic excavator Hitachi EX1200-6BE with a bucket capacity of 6.7 m3 made a new record for productivity, having shipped over 350,000 m3 of overburden per month. This index is the highest among the Hitachi machines of this class, operated by mining company in Russia and the CIS.

About 100 excavators of this model are working on the careers of Russia and the CIS. Hitachi EX1200-6BE is well suited for operation in hard climatic conditions: it is unpretentious in maintenance and has a wide range of operating temperatures, high performance, reliability and maneuverability.

Talking about this successes, Yamamoto Hiroshi, Sales director of mining machines, said: «The Chernogorsky coal mine reached a record production thanks to the competently built technological processes and the high qualification of its employees, which made it possible to show the impressive possibilities inherent in the design of the machine, this result is worthy even in the global scale».


Exclusive Mining Dealer

From 1st January 2017 LLC «MINETECH MACHINERY» is the official and the only distributor of products manufactured by Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. on the whole territory of Russian Federation and has the following authorities:

• to sell Hitachi mining machinery:
– hydraulic crawler excavators with operating weight from 100 up to 850 tons;
– rigid dump trucks.
• to sell spare parts from mining machinery;
• to provide after sales support and service from mining machinery.